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Iridium skis are built entirely by hand, merging old world craftsmanship with state of the art materials. Iridium skis are designed, tested and built in the Alps by the legendary Lacroix family.

For over 50 years, Iridium's Lacroix designs have been preferred by olympians, on and off piste connoisseurs and especially by those who appreciate products made by and for pure skiing disciples. Skiers from all walks have enthusiastically embraced Iridium. They like the 50 year legacy of precision hand built constructions. They like the elegant appearance. They like the uniqueness of the branding. It's hard to argue with skis that work great that also work as art.

Our work ranges from corporate "identity-guided" Fortune 500 companies and fun-loving "Mom and Pop" shops, to a variety of organizations.

What follows is a small smattering of our experience and creativity. Watch for the samples to change often.


Note: We've decided to also include some samples that were created while we were employed in previous positions.

We are proud of these examples and their sources are openly credited.

Iridium Skis Logo

See the branding elements in use. An identity family as sleek as the product....

Harmonic Wellness Center

A new spot for pain and stress relief in Central Minnesota.

Wedding Invite

Who says you can't treat the traditional invitation in a creative and functional way?

Center Ice Classic, I believe in hockey

Teaming up to support local youth hockey proves that we do believe....

Grand Champion Meats

Personality, approachability, and standing apart from the competition were a must....

simplyneutral natural green cleaners

Introducing the right brand look and packaging made these products shine....

Minnesota Military Figure Society

Every organization needs to differentiate itself. An ideal mix of hobby and history....

St. Cloud River Bats Baseball

A versatile identity that's as recognizable by its shape as its name....

AgriLife Stock Photos

A blend of simple text and beautiful images that do most of the talking....