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About Us
What's functional creative all about...
and just who is ENGDAHL RICHARDS?
Have you ever seen an ad or commercial that grabbed your attention, but moments later you couldn't recall who or what it was for? Creative, yes. But, functional? Sure, it caught your eye or made you laugh. Maybe it even became the talk around the water cooler. But, chances are, that wasn’t the primary objective. More than likely, it was to sell products or get bodies through the door. And, on that front, it failed.

If you’re in business, you’re in it to make money, plain and simple. Functional Creative is all about standing out and conveying the right message to the right people in the right voice, so you do.

At Engdahl Richards, Inc., we're not just creatives and advertising junkies. We’re also strategists and problem solvers. Dollars are tight and no one can afford marketing that's off target or off message. We appreciate your need to run lean and mean, get the best bang for your buck, and stay on task and on budget. Can we do that and still be creative? Absolutely.

We’re a small group of seasoned professionals who, quite frankly, love what we do. And, we’re never satisfied with “good enough.” Our expansive network of connections, contacts, and talent give us the ability to offer you the hottest creative (backed by the utmost experience and professionalism) without the hierarchy, high fees, or overhead of the typical agency.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a “Mom and Pop” shop, you’ll get straight-forward answers and quality, speak-for-itself work. Because, the best way for us to succeed is for you to succeed.


Engdahl Richards, Inc.
functional creative

ideas at work, ideas that work.

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